Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mount Faber - a Piece of Nature

... with a touch of modern human. A few weeks ago I went for a walk on Mount Faber, one of Singapore's hills. Although 'only' 105 m in hight (remember, I'm Swiss and used to the Alps...), it provides a panoramic view of some of Singapore:

It can even be reached by cable car, though there's also a bus route to the top, and lots of foot paths.

The walking routs down from the top are well signed out, an in case you ever feel lost you'll be told exactly where you are - you just have to follow the yellow brick road foot prints (Yeti???):

But don't be fooled by the typical Singaporean thoughtfulness. Mount Faber is a dangerous place. REALLY!

I do believe they have been spotted. I just don't know of anybody who ever has.... But then that's not the only danger on Mount Faber. Nature itself is out to get you:

And for this I did find actual proof:
This path here is part of a kind of the 'Tree Top Walk'. For 20 minutes you walk on these kind of elevated walkways:
It was good fun, and definitely nothing for some of my friends who are not too comfortable with hights (yes, Momo and Isa, that's you ;-)...).

But, I made it. I was there.
So was Toto.

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  1. Looks wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing!


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