Thursday, April 26, 2012

More funny facts and observations

  1. When taking a taxi, the drivers - like most people in Singapore - are very nice and polite. One habit of theirs did confuse me though for some time: they will ask you which way they should take or rather if you want them to take a certain road. Like "Should I take Bridge Road?" - "I take River Valley Road, yes?". What's the answer to that if you're just a visitor and don't know the town...? I ended up usually just saying yes. Also if they ask me whether they should make a U-turn... Yes! - though I keep wondering if they'd expect me to pay the fine they could probably get....?
  2. The other thing - no surprise there - has to do with food: in the food courts and hawker stalls, but also in the normal / local restaurants you usually use chopsticks. Of course you can have cuttlery (and it's also asian people using cuttlery) but you usually only get a fork and a spoon. No knife. It does work though.
  3. Contrary to what I posted earlier, chewing gum is no longer forbidden. Yay! - But: you still can't buy them anywhere. Point taken.
  4. Singapore has a great public transport system - both buses and trains / metro. While the train map is relatively easy to read - four lines at the moment, with a fourth line to open next year - the bus map isn't. Or rather: there isn't a bus map. It's a bus book. There are 74 routes serviced by 1192 buses. Impressive!


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  1. Other country's normal isn't always normal to us but it is fun to figure things out. What a great adventure!


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