Monday, March 26, 2012

When Venus meets Jupiter on the Capitol... under a New Moon...

Just had to take this photo and post it. The New Moon is always special (!), and this month he had company. Venus and Jupiter. Though I know for a fact they have started to drift apart.
Mum, this photo is for you...

Meeting Venus

And since I just LOVE night shots, here's another two.

Raffles Hotel

St. Andrew's Church with the Stamford Tower
And no, I haven't had an original Singpore Sling at the Raffles Bar yet (that's where it was invented), but I'll definitely go there soon.


  1. Regula, your photos are just beautiful! I love that you take so many and share. I feel like I am in Singapore with you! :-)

  2. Regula,
    I haven't seen any posts since your funny facts awhile ago just because I've haven't spent much time on the computer. But I wanted to tell you your pictures are so beautiful! I would be going crazy wanting to paint everywhere I went. Are you able to paint or working too hard? We could see this (not the buildings, the moon and planets;) from here too. It was wonderful.

  3. Thanks, dearest, for the dedication of that lovely night shot of the new moon... appreciate it very much! Big X, Mum


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