Thursday, March 29, 2012

And if it's not Wednesday...

Then I usually get my vitamins by having a delicious freshly pressed, squeezed or pureed fruit juice from this nice lady:

The 'ordering process' is usually something like this:

Me: good morning!

She: hey, good morning. What do you want today?

Me: ... [ ...and before I can say anything:]

She: let me see, what about.... kiwi and apple? Is good, is sour!

Me: ...ooookay, but red apples...

She: Noooooo, green apples. Is sour, is healthy! I make for you, you see...

Me: okay...

But I must say, I've loved all of the mixtures she came up with. ABC (apple, beetroot, carrot), dragonfruit and pineapple, starfruit and green apple with a pinch of salt. And last Friday I actually got to choose: mango and strawberry - to celebrate the weekend!

And yes, that's my new orange handbag... Just to set off the green of the drink!

Btw: she's just across from the guy preparing the paratha from this post.




  1. These fruit drinks sound fantastic! Yum!!

  2. It DOES sound yummy and I LOVE the orange handbag!

  3. I love your handbag, I love the fresh fruit juices, I love the coconuts.....and I love to meet you soon in Singapore!
    YEA YEA YEA :-)) !!!!

  4. Yeah! four days and counting... ;-)

  5. Those fruit juices sound very mouth-watering.... Yummy! Enjoy! mum

  6. Frest green juice and an orange handbag sound like a perfect still life subject! Glad you're having fun!


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