Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Five a Day...

Just had to post this...
Every Wednesday there are free fruits delivered to the office. While they might sometimes be bananas or pears (not too exotic / unusual), there might be fruits that I've never seen - and can't recall the name just now.

But today ... We have COCONUTS !!!

First you drink the clear water, then you scoop out the flesh. So probably counts as two out of the five a day?


  1. En guete! How did you like those coconuts Regi? Mum

  2. This just looks like a still life waiting to happen! I have never eaten a coconut this way...thanks for sharing!

  3. Maria - neither had I!
    I saw them a lot around here but never tried them.

    Mum - ehm... well... I DON'T like them! The water has an unexpected taste, not like coconut milk at all. And the flesh of the nut is so fresh that it's almost gooey and squishy... and again: doesn't really tast that much like coconut.
    BUT: definitely worth a try!

  4. I love fresh coconuts. We had them in the Caribbean once. this guy was following our snorkeling boats and when we stopped for a break to do some beach combing he came right up to us in his kayak sort of thing and took his machete and hacked off the tops of the coconut so we could drink the water. so good after a hot swim. the flesh was great too. not gooey but firm and delicious.

  5. Dawn - that's what I was thinking about as well. I (kind of) remember having tried a fresh coconut in the Caribbean as well, and the flesh was definitely different than here. Guess it was another kind of coconut?


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