Friday, February 17, 2012

Ready for the Weekend!

Well, I haven't really been here for a week yet, but I definitely look forward to the weekend. My first few days here in Spore have been very good. On Wednesday I moved to my apartement for the next three months. It is very well situated (bus stop is only 1 minute away, another 15 minutes and I'm at the office) and quite a new building. I've looked it up on google maps and the building was still being constructed when they took the photo.

It's a one bedroom appartment with a (very) basic kitchen (one pot -  that's it) and a great AC system. I'm NOT a fan of air conditioning, but it still is really great being able to cool the appartment down a bit.

Tomorrow I'll explore a bit more, probably do some shopping, get a pre-paid SIM card, stroll down Orchard Road... and look for an art supply store! ;-)

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