Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lazy Weekend (Day 2)

Hm... I titled my last post 'Lazy Weekend (Day1)', so I guess I was planning for a 'Day 2' post.
But as the weekend WAS really lazy, I only went to the Botanical Garden. Took the bus there, got out on the way to buy a Singapore SIM card (so now I have a S'pore telephone number - don't really know why...). Arrived at the Botanical Garden and just had a nice stroll around, lots of people and therefore lots of people-watching for me.
I didn't take my big camera with me, but had the small 'point-and-shoot' with me. I ended up only take very few pictures, mainly because the sky very often is hazy, almost cloudy. And that doesn't really look good on photos.
BUT - I had to take a picture of this huge bronze scuplture in the Swan Lake. It just reminded me so much of the Boston Geese. So Kelley, this photo is especially for you!

And another taken near the visitor center - there were lots of kids on rollers or skate boards, but I didn't want to post them here. 

There's also an Orchard Garden within the Botanical Garden, and I'll definitely come back to look at that one. Oh, and I did take the bus again on my way home. Only had to change twice. Made it! Lots of buses in Singapore - the bus directory is a little book you buy at the book store. Still looking for a useful App ;-) instead...


  1. Looks like a great place to visit! I love that you are so computer smart! I continue to learn, but could use you by my side to help with all the available apps! :-)

  2. Regula, I am glad you are taking advantage of all the sights. It is exciting to hear about all of your adventures. I I can't wait to see where you go next!

  3. HOw on earth I ever missed this blog is BEYOND me - but I am ready every single post now - I feel like I'm on vacation! Thanks, Regula!

    1. You're MORE than welcome! - Glad to have you along ;-)


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